Sunday, February 22, 2009

Taste everything

You have to taste everything. One of the best suggestions I got was to keep tasting spoons handy. I have 2 containers full of spoons on both stations. I also have some in my jacket pocket.

Even if you're not throwing a dinner party, try tasting all the ingredients before you throw them into the pot. Know what each one contributes to the final dish, and how they may change in the cooking process.

Don't underestimate what one single recipe can teach you about cooking. Always get feedback. Sometimes I'll send a tasting spoon out to the dinner table while I'm cooking and ask for feedback. Here Ben is having me provide a second opinion to the new batch of soup.


Naree said...

Having a stash of tasting spoons is a great idea! Double dipping is definitely a no no.

Bryan Yeung said...

I agree with you! I got that tip from "On the Line" by Eric Ripert.