Sunday, February 22, 2009

The classic dish

Some feedback I got from my brother is that I shouldn't stray too far from my fundamentals, despite the desire to please guests.

This dish here, is one of those fundamentals, and I've been eating it since I was small. Stir fried black bean clams. It's my way of sharing something from the heart. A dish I care about a lot. And a way to come off the poached lobster which was probably the best reviewed dish of the meal.

This was served as the last savory item at yesterday's dinner party. It's plated a little differently then standard which is pretty much "thrown on a dish." I felt the execution was very tight, the sauce consistency was exactly where I wanted it, thickening done by tapioca starch. The color was provided by thick soy sauce. At the last minute, we added a teaspoon of vinegar to balance out the flavor.

The picture was taken by Micah Joel. I'm very fortunate to have friends who are excellent photographers.

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