Sunday, February 22, 2009

Having fun

I'd say that half my friends see me as generally very serious, and the other half see me as incapable of a straight answer.

Bottom line is that even though expectations are high, you need to keep it fun. Especially if you make mistakes. I have to laugh at myself here. I'm cooking with Ben, a very experienced chef for last night's party and we did a test run of the avocado soup. The flavor/texture was dead on...his execution on my idea was perfect. Problem is, I figured the vacuum seal containers and the citrus/acid in the soup would keep it from turning colors. Wrong. Here we're reviewing the slightly off color batch before dinner service.

We laugh it off, or rather laugh at me and redo the soup. We can't send anything out to our guests, that I have any doubt about, even if it's a shade of green too dark.

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