Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dinner Party Pre-Plan

Tonight is the dinner party. What started out last night as a mild sake tasting, ended up becoming a two bottle session, complete with diver scallops and matzah balls (I've been working on matzah balls as a comfort food). Oh yes, and we made the ankimo, which came out well. Well seasoned, buttery.

Today's breakfast: water, advil, two oranges.

I have a few knives to sharpen. Theres going to be a lot of sashimi rather than roll cutting, so I can put a finer of an edge on it. I finish with a leather strop after a series of natural and synthetic waterstones at least on my main work knife which is Suisin Shiro-Hayate 270mm made by Keijiro Doi. Look him up on google. My other one for western work is the Nenox 210mm S1 Gyutou which uses a 3000 grit Naniwa ceramic stone. Anyways, I'll use both of them tonight.

On suggestion, I will aim to shorten the food service portion to about 2 hours. I have a good amount of sake for tonight, but we're right up on the budget which is $450. I was definitely on target with the seafood portion. It's amazing that even at wholesale, food costs are incredibly high. The hirame/halibut was almost $70 alone, but I'm pretty happy with the overall spend.

Gotta finish writing up the execution plan, since I'll be directing an equally skilled cook on my vision for tonight's service.

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