Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dinner Party Menu for Feb 21st, 2009

Wakatake Onikoroshi
Gonu Esshu

Seasonal Starters
Chilled avocado soup with fresh cream and truffle oil
Seared scallops with caramel, cauliflower, green apple

The Fundamentals
Cucumber salad in ponzu
Ankimo - monkfish liver
Tai - red snapper
Hotate - scallops
Hamachi - yellowtail
Amaebi - sweet shrimp
Maguro - tuna top loin

A Menu Item from Okoze
The Salamander Roll - Tuna slices over yellowtail, shiso, burdock root, cucumber

The Lobster Duo
Meyer lemon sorbet
...tempura with soy salt
...poached in shallot butter and turkish bay leaves

Comfort Food
Manila clams with black beans, ginger, green onions

And to end
Fruit puree, silky smooth, with Madagascar vanilla bean foam

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Jenny said...

Wow, that all sounds amazing :)