Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Planning My Competitions for 2011

I thought I would put together a writeup on how I'll build myself an interesting year of competitions. Instead of just diving headfirst and losing, I figure I'd do my due diligence which hopefully will lead to mild domination =). I'm also excited to share this with readers for feedback.


To compete in practical precision rifle on a national level and devise a training program for practical rifle shooters with an athletic emphasis. To set a positive example for both shooters and to the general public for safe and enjoyable marksmanship.

A little background:
Practical precision rifle requires shooters to shoot distances from 100 yards to 1000 yards and past. The practical aspect of this dictates that not all targets will be same. In fact some will not be marked with distances and others may even move. Handguns are often used for short distances which stresses the versatility of the shooter and requires training on multiple platforms. Because the terrain and environment are often challenging, this requires shooters to have excellent mental focus, and expert knowledge of their equipment in adverse conditions.

Compete at club rifle matches, and selected national matches. Combine this with sprint and olympic distance triathlons for the fitness component. Maintain competency with handgun at local action pistol matches as pistol shooting is important at some multi-gun matches. Select equipment that fits me exactly and maximizes value at its price point.

My Reasons:
I have not competed at a national level since my archery days in high school and I miss that, as marksmanship is something I'm innately good at. I seem to have half-assed shooting for the last 7 or so years. Showing up to matches, doing decently only because of talent, not practice. Now that I have the resources, I want to compete at a high level for a year. Why one year? It's manageable as a plan, and if I develop other commitments in the future, I may have lost my chance to do this now. I will leverage my instinctive shooting abilities and combine it with solid practice. I will also take any opportunity to coach new shooters in safe and enjoyable shooting. I owe it to myself and my sport to perform, and serve as an ambassador to the general public.

Why this specific discipline:
Shooting long distance rifle while solving shooting problems under both time and athletic pressure is a test of my skill, practice regimen, equipment, and discipline. Because these events combine rifle, handgun, and some degree of movement as well as problem solving, it's a shooting discipline that has kept me interested.

Why I feel I'll do well:
  • My friends/family understand the demanding nature of my training and will encourage me to succeed
  • I love what I do professionally which gives me mental energy to come home and focus on practice
  • I am detail oriented, which lends itself to a math intensive activity like precision rifle
  • I have a history at high level shooting competitions, with solid mental control
  • I can perform athletically which will give me an advantage during multi-day rugged terrain events
  • I have selected the best equipment there is and am confident in it's precision and reliability
  • My comfort with technology will allow me to use laser rangefinders, ipads to quickly build firing solutions
  • I have dexterity probably coming from violin and sushi chef-ing, and this will allow me to quickly manipulate equipment under time pressure

What challenges I may face:
  • My professional career is still my primary focus, and this will come first at any time
  • If I'm in a relationship, she will also come first
  • No access to local long distance range (1000 yards), 120 miles to closest range
  • Live fire limited to weekends when I can get to a range
  • Handgun magazine capacity limited to 10 rounds, per CA regulations
  • Possible injury from athletic events
  • I am not as strong as larger competitors, and may struggle to carry heavy gear
  • Ammunition shortages
  • Getting cracked on by friends and encouraged to pick a more socially acceptable sport =)

How I'll overcome them:
  • Work efficiently in the office, work with my executive coach to improve my productivity
  • Communicate openly with significant other and skip a practice here and there to spend time with her
  • When I'm in Sacramento, I'll go to the range, stay at a hotel and use the downtime for triathlon training
  • Use airsoft gun simulators where I can for handgun, to practice safely indoors
  • Spend money on ultralight equipment
  • Deal with lower magazine capacities and relocate magazines onto chest rig for easier access
  • Reload ammunition or have it custom made. I selected the 6.5 Creedmoor round for factory availability

How I know I've succeeded:
  • Place in top 10 consistently at club level matches
  • Place in top 30 at national level competitions
  • Build a training plan to be shared with other shooters

And my match schedule for 2011 (subject to change of course):

Athletic Races:
Oct 2010 Tough Mudder
May 15, 2011 Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon
June 12, 2011 Silicon Valley International Triathlon
-more to be selected

National Level Rifle Matches:
Dec 9-10 2010 Shooters Bash, Kingsville, TX
Feb 10-11 2011 Phoenix, AZ, Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge
March 2011 - Snipers Hide Cup, Kingsville, TX
May 27-29 2011 Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge, Folsom, CA (Invite Only)
June 2011 Steel Safari (If I get in)
August 2011 International Tactical Rifleman's Challenge, Gillette, WY (If I can find a teammate)

Handgun Matches:
Oct 24 2010 - Bay Bridge Charity Classic

NCPPRC Club Matches:
Jan 1-2 - 1k
Feb 5-6 - 1k
Feb 20 - Steel
March 5-6 -1k
April 2-3 - 1k
April 17 - Steel
May 1 (match only)
(Can't, Steel Safari) June 4-5 - 1k
June 19 - Steel
July 2-3 - 1k
Aug 6-7 - 1k
Aug 21 - Steel
Sept 3-4 - 1k
Oct 1-2 - 1k
Oct 16 - Steel
Nov 5-6 - 1k
Dec 3-4 - 1k
Dec 18 - Steel

NRA Certified Instructor
Richmond Rod and Gun Club Member
Northern California Practical Precision Rifle Club Member

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