Thursday, July 9, 2009

Menu for Ambert's Birthday Dinner Party

Ambert, my brother wanted a birthday dinner party with friends. "Yeah I'll give you a dinner party," said I. So I called my guys at IMP Foods, and they called their guys at Tsukiji Market, Tokyo, and sent over some stuff via JAL Air Cargo.

We have over 25 people confirmed for tomorrow, standing room only. Glad that my boys are backing me up in the kitchen or someone will be ordering pizza and looking like a total fool. I'll be taking off early from work (salesforce) tomorrow, trading in smooth demo skills, for badass knife technique. Here's what we're doing...

Western compositions:
Arugula + endive salad with mustard vinaigrette and shaved ricotta salata
Cannelini bean chili with ancho beef cubes
Applewood smoked ribeye with Maldon salt, red peppercorns and green beans

Eastern compositions:
Marinated, cold smoked Japanese mackerel, with grated ginger, scallions, on a baguette
Oysters with ponzu granita, chives, grated spiced daikon
Poached Canadian lobster and albacore rolls with yuzu, shiso and soy paper
Live sea urchin with fresh wasabi, yuzu
Shiitake miso soup, with first dashi of kushiro kombu

Sushi, Sashimi, Nigiri:
Japanese albacore sashimi from Tsukiji market
Atlantic mackerel, spot prawn nigiri sushi
Salmon roe gunkan nigiri
Hokkaido scallop handrolls with shiso, gobo, tobikko

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